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Child Support Payments

Options for Paying Child Support

ONLINE: Pay by credit card, debit card or electronic check (24/7) on the EZPay4Kids website.

BY PHONE: Call 1-800-786-3214 to pay by credit or debit card.

BY MAIL: Send a check or money order & payment coupon to: VT Office of Child Support, PO Box 1310, Williston, VT 05495. Write the OCS case number and name of the parent getting support on the check/money order.

IN PERSON: In normal times, you could visit your regional OCS office to pay by credit card, debit card, cash or check. However, due to COVID-19, we CANNOT accept in-person payments at this time.

Options for Getting Child Support

The law requires OCS customers to sign up for electronic payments one of two ways:

  1. Through direct deposit into one bank account.
  2. On a Reliacard® Prepaid Visa® Debit Card you can use to make purchases, pay bills or get cash everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

Help Paying & Getting Child Support

While most child support payments are made through wage withholding, the court allows parents to make payments directly to the Office of Child Support in certain situations.

If the only service you need from us is to collect and distribute child support payments, you don't need to apply for OCS services; but there will be a $5 monthly fee for services.

If you want full services from OCS, send us a completed application for child support services. Services are available free of charge to parents and guardians of children under 18 or still in high school.  

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