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Unemployment Benefits & Child Support

The expanded federal unemployment insurance (UI) benefits created under the CARES Act are set to end September 6, 2021.

This includes several types of pandemic unemployment assistance that people may have received previously. The end of this federal program will result in lower UI benefits for many people, which may impact their ability to pay child support.

If you are impacted by the end of this program:

OCS can help — whether you pay or receive child support.

We can:

  • Help you reach a stipulated agreement
  • Refer you to needed programs and resources
  • Review your agreement for potential modification (even expedited modification in certain emergencies)

If you are interested in our help:

PLEASE ASK. And have your answers to the following questions readily available.

  1. Have your UI benefits ended?  When? 
  2. How much were your prior benefits?  Do you have documentation of your benefits? 
  3. What were your earnings before you started getting UI benefits? 
  4. Other than UI benefits, do you have any other sources of income? 
  5. Are you at risk of losing your housing as a result of the UI benefits ending? 
  6. Have you applied for other jobs?  If so, what is the status? 
  7. Are you willing to participate in the Work 4 Kids program?