Update from VB5 on Vermont Early Childhood Professional Development System

11 January 2017

Dear Providers,

As part of our efforts to continue to provide you with accurate and up to date information about the transformation process, transition and on-going opportunities for professional development, please see the below message from our Community Partner, Vermont Birth to Five (VB5).  As Deputy Commissioner Murphy shared in her previous email, VB5 will be working closely with regional community partners to coordinate and carry on regional professional development opportunities in 2017. 

Date:     January 10, 2017
To:          Child Care and Early Learning Providers
From:    Janet McLaughlin and Sherry Carlson for Vermont Birth to Five
Re:         Update on regional training and support in 2017
As previously shared by CDD, the Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children will be in charge of regional professional development opportunities in 2017. This work will be run by Vermont Birth to Five (VB5), which is a Permanent Fund project that provides peer mentoring, training, and other resources to early childhood educators and providers.  In 2018 the Community College of Vermont (CCV) will assume responsibility for regional training and technical assistance activities. 
VB5 is pleased to be working with CCV and community partners during this time of change. We are working hard to make sure all child care and early learning providers have the support they need and access to high-quality local trainings in 2017. We are creating a VB5 webpage where we will post updates on this work and links to other key resources. Here are our current plans:

  •  Trainings required to meet licensing and qualification requirements are important and will be available across the state. VB5 will partner with community organizations to offer and/or pay for local and regional trainings for 2017. We plan to announce plans for each region by February 15th.
  • VB5 is working to offer a Fundamentals Class in Washington County, St. Johnsbury and Rutland as soon as possible (these 3 areas did not have a fall class). Announcements of class dates will be made by late January. 
  • Local support will be available from experienced child care/early learning professionals who can help.VB5 is working with community partners and our own network of mentors and consultants to identify those people.We hope to announce that along with the regional training plans by mid-February.
  • There will also be a statewide email and phone “hotline” run by experienced early childhood professionals. This call line will be available Monday through Friday to ask professional development and program questions. For questions that can’t be answered by email or telephone, VB5 will arrange time to talk face-to-face with a local support person.This service will launch mid-January.

VB5 looks forward to working with you and serving you in this new way in 2017.
Ways to stay Up-to-Date on Training Opportunities
There will be on-going opportunities available for professional development throughout the transition period. Here’s how to find them:
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You can also contact CDD staff with questions.

  1. Search the Bright Futures Information System Course Calendar to find professional development opportunities scheduled around the state.  Click here to find the 2017 Course Calendar trainings currently listed.  Vermont Afterschool has trainings listed as statewide, and many Starting Points groups post their trainings in the Course Calendar. If you’ve never used the statewide calendar before, you can find a guide for using the system here:  Course Calendar Tutorial.
  2. The CDD licensing unit has designed  an Introduction to the New Regulations training and this will be offered on-line and in regional trainings beginning in March 2017. An orientation package that meets the new orientation requirement of the regulations is also being designed and will be offered in the early winter of 2017. Check on the CDD website for information about the new regulations and trainings.
  3. Trainings are often available through approved Northern Lights sponsors and other state agencies such as the Vermont Department of Health. To ensure that any training you participate in meets the definition of professional development in the regulations (rule 2.2.36), please be sure that when you sign up, the sponsor provides you with verification of your attendance that meets the Northern Lights requirements (see the Certificates of Attendance list on the Northern Lights Cover Page at: NL Cover Sheet )
  4. A variety of low-cost options for on-line training is listed on the Northern Lights website at NL Approved Online Sponsors

Melissa Riegel-Garrett
Director of Statewide Systems and Community Collaboration