Child Care Regulations Introduction Webinar

09 August 2016

Thank you for being patient with us as we are working on trainings and information for you on the child care regulations. We are working on several ways to get you the information you need, including:
Frequently Asked Questions
Available at, we have started posting answers to questions that have been submitted to our frequently asked questions survey. We will be adding more answers each week, and will mark the questions/answers that are new. Please check back each week.
Introduction to Child Care Regulations Webinar Opportunities
These webinars will explain how to use and understand the definitions; and to gather additional information on community training needs. The webinars will repeat information and you only need to register for one of the trainings. Training hours will be available for this webinar. This is not the training required by FCCH rule 1.3.3 or CBCCPP rule 1.3.4.

Each webinar has a limit of 200 participants each, so it is important to register early for the webinar time you would like to attend.
Family Child Care Home Regulations Focused Webinars

 Center Based Child Care and Preschool Programs Regulations Focused Webinars