What's New in Specialized Child Care

20 July 2016

Vermont Early Learning Challenge Grant funding (Project 8: Strengthening SCC Services) provided an opportunity to strengthen and improve SCC, aligning it with standards and resources in Vermont’s broader early childhood system. Since April 2015, CIS staff, Child Care Coordinators, SCC providers and other stakeholders have met regularly to develop and implement a plan to increase quality and consistency in SCC with the goal of improving services and outcomes for children with high needs.

Implementing the Project 8 Plan for SCC will:

  • increase the capacity of Child Care Coordinators on CIS Regional Teams to sustain and strengthen SCC at the local level, including recruiting and supporting SCC providers to serve children and families effectively;
  • require all SCC providers to document the quality of their programs by participating in the Vermont Step Ahead Recognition System (VT STARS) with a minimum of 3 STARS;
  • improve the quality and consistency of professional development opportunities for SCC providers; and
  • increase the financial differential SCC providers receive for meeting the needs of children accessing SCC services.

This document outlines the timelines and details for the updates to Specialized Child Care.