Establishing Legal Parentage in Vermont

We can help you to establish legal parentage in Vermont.

Legal Parentage in Vermont

If you are married when your child is born, Vermont law automatically recognizes both parents as the legal parents. If you are not married, the law:

  • Assumes the mother is the biological and legal parent
  • Does not recognize the father until parentage is legally established

Establish Legal Parentage

You may establish parentage one of two ways:

  1. If both parents agree about parentage, sign and submit the Acknowledgement of Parentage (AOP) Form
  2. If either parent has doubts about the father’s identity, file a court action to establish parentage in the Family Division of Superior Court

Help To Establish Parentage

If you need help to establish parentage, send us a completed application for child support services.   Services are available free of charge to parents and guardians of children under 18 or still in high school.  

If you apply for child support services, we can:

  1. File an action to establish parentage on your behalf
  2. Arrange and pay for genetic testing if needed
  3. Help you establish an order for child and medical support

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