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Reach First

dad with babyReach First helps families overcome temporary, short-term financial crises and avoid the need for longer-term assistance.

Who is eligible

You may be eligible for Reach First if you are:

• Filing a new application
• Meet the eligibility requirements for Reach Up
• Will likely not need help in 4 months or less (e.g., you have a back-to-work date or job offer)

The assistance provided

Reach First provides case management, financial help, and support services.

How to apply

  1. Apply one of the following ways:
    ONLINE: Click here to go to our online application.
    BY MAIL: Call 1-800-479-6151 or visit a district office to get a paper application.
    IN PERSON: Apply in person at your local district office .
  2. Check the Reach Up box on the application. 
    When you speak to a worker, mention that you'd like to participate in Reach First.
  3. Participate in an interview and orientation.
    You’ll have to complete an interview — by phone or in person — before we can make a decision about your eligibility. We' ll inform you about the interview process after you apply. You may also have to attend an orientation.

Get answers to your questions

• Call 1-800-479-6151 (M-TH, 8AM to 5:45 PM & Fridays, 8AM – 4:15 PM)
• Visit your district office
• Contact one of these other organizations that can help

Families will be empowered, connected and thriving.