Act 60 Changes Mandated Reporting Procedures in Vermont

04 August 2015

Act 60, which came into effect on July 1, 2015, made improvements across the child protection system. This included changes to mandated reporting procedures, some child abuse definitions, and expanded information sharing among mandated reporters.

A mandated reporter is any:

  • Health care provider, including any chiropractor, dentist, emergency medical personnel, hospital administrator, intern, licensed practical nurse, medical examiner, osteopath, pharmacist, physician, physician assistant, psychologist, registered nurse, resident physician, and surgeon;
  • Individual who is employed by a school district or an approved or recognized independent school, or contracted and paid by a school district or an approved or recognized independent school to provide student services, including any school superintendent, school principal, headmaster of an approved or recognized independent school, school teacher, student teacher, school librarian, and school guidance counselor; 
  • Agency of Human Services employee, contractor, or grantee who has contact with clients;
  • Camp administrator, counselor, and owner, including any residential and nonresidential camp and recreational program; and
  • Childcare worker, clergy member, mental health professional, police officer, probation officer and social worker.

The Department for Children and Families (DCF) is currently undertaking comprehensive efforts to inform mandated reporters throughout the state about these changes. 

Reporters can also go to to:

  •  Get the latest information about mandated reporting;
  • Read a memo from DCF that provides updated information and guidance for mandated reporters;
  • Sign up for email updates about mandated reporting and other child protection issues; and
  • Register for new online mandated reporter training once it’s available in the fall.

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