May Is National Foster Care Month!

04 May 2016

On May 3, 2016, foster, kinship and adoptive families from around the state gathered at the State capitol to witness Governor Shumlin sign a proclamation declaring May as Foster Care Month in Vermont. They were joined by Agency of Human Services (AHS) Secretary Hal Cohen and Department for Children and Families (DCF) Commissioner Ken Schatz.

“It truly does take a village to raise a child,” said Governor Shumlin. “We are fortunate in Vermont to have over 1,000 foster and kinship foster families who provide safe homes for children while they can’t be at home and support the parents through difficult times. I hope all Vermonters will join me in thanking them for all they do! Without their care and support, the state’s work would not be possible.”

But there is always a need for more. The state especially needs families who are willing and able to care for the youngest and oldest in state care: infants and teens.

“To anyone who has ever considered providing foster care, I urge you to step up now,” said AHS Secretary Hal Cohen. “You can be single, married, living with a partner or joined through a civil union. You can be a stay-at-home parent or one that works. All types of families are needed. All are welcome to apply.”

“There is no better time to provide foster care,” said DCF Commissioner Ken Schatz. “Children and families need you, and we will support you. Our Family Services Division has offices across the state with staff dedicated to training and supporting foster families.”

The more qualified foster families there are in every community, the easier it is to keep children in their own communities and schools. Research shows that educational outcomes are better for children in foster care the fewer times they have to change schools.

To learn more about foster care, go to or call your local district office at the number below. Ask for the Resource Coordinator.

Ÿ Barre - (802) 479-4260

Ÿ Bennington - (802) 442-8138

Ÿ Brattleboro - (802) 257-2888

Ÿ Burlington - (802) 863-7370

Ÿ Hartford - (802) 295-8840

Ÿ Middlebury - (802) 388-4660

Ÿ Morrisville - (802) 888-4576

Ÿ Newport - (802) 334-6723

Ÿ Rutland - (802) 786-5817

Ÿ Springfield – (802) 885-8900

Ÿ St. Albans - (802) 527-7741

Ÿ St. Johnsbury – (802) 748-8374