FSD Rules

FSD rules have the force of law unless amended, revised or a court determines otherwise.

Final Proposed Rules Related To FSD's Child Protection Work 

DCF has considered public comments and has filed final proposed rules with the Secretary of State’s Office and the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (LCAR).  LCAR has tentatively scheduled a hearing on these final proposed rules January 10 at 8 am in the Ethan Allen Room of the State House in Montpelier, VT.  The public is welcome to attend the LCAR hearing.  If you would like to speak at the hearing, you must be listed on the agenda.  Please contact Charlene Dindo (charlene@leg.state.vt.us) at least 48 hours in advance if you want to testifyThe following documents include a summary of public comments, the Department’s response and the text of each final proposed rule.

Final Proposed Rule 2000 - Response to Child Abuse and Neglect
Final Proposed Rule 3000 - Administrative Review Process
Final Proposed Rule 8000 - Child Protection Registry
Final Proposed Rule 9000 - Maintenance and Access to Records

Adopted Rules

2000 - Response to Child Abuse and Neglect
3000 - Administrative Review Process
7000 - Transition Age Youth
8000 - Child Protection Registry
9000 - Maintenance and Access to Records