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All Programs (P2100)

P2100TOC - All Programs Procedures Table of Contents

P2110 - General Application Procedures

P2110A - Requests for Application
P2110D - Application Processing For Reach Up/3SquaresVT/Fuel/Essential Person
P2110E - Appointment Notices
P2110F - Lifeline/Link Up Vermont
P2110G - Office of Child Support
P2110H - Weatherization Services

P2112 - Disposition of Source Records

P2113 - Standard Case File System

P2113A - General Information
P2113B - Order of Material in Case File
P2113C - Location of Forms
P2113D - Purging Case Files

P2114 - Handling Returned Mail

P2115 - Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange

P2118 - DET Wage Match

P2119 - IRS Interface

P2119A - IRS 1099 Tape Match
P2119B - Security Guidelines

P2122 - Sources of Verification for Eligibility Determination

P2122A - Client Interview
P2122B - Sources of Verification by Eligibility Factor
P2122C - Health Insurance Data
P2122D - List of Banks and Credit Unions

P2126 - Fraud Procedures

P2126A&B - Policy Basis & Sequence of Investigation and Referral
P2126C - Calculating the Amount of a Fraud Claim

P2127 - Fair Hearing Procedures

P2127A - Overview
P2127B - ESD Responsibilities
P2127C - Transportation
P2127D - Requests for Incapacity Decisions
P2127E - Decisions of Disability Determination Services
P2127F - Human Services Board Rules

P2128 - Complaints

P2131 - Money Payment Procedures

P2131A - District Check Issuance
P2131B - Voided Checks
P2131C - Lost Checks, Stop Payment and Replacement
P2131D - Returning Checks to State Office

P2150 - Desk Reviews

P2150A - General Information
P2150B - All Desk Reviews
P2150C - COLA Desk Review
P2150D - QMB/SLMB Desk Review
P2150E - ANFC/Medicaid Desk Review
P2150F - Food Stamps Desk Review

P2160 - Temporary I.D. Numbers

P2183 - Transfer of Cases

P2190 - Supervisory Case Review Procedures

P2190A - General Office Procedures
P2190B - Supervisory Review Definitions
P2190D - Review of Forms
P2190E - Number of Reviews Per Worker
P2190J - Completion of the SCR Summary, DSW 245B
P2190K - Allocation of Dollar Amount of Error