Submit Medical Information

If you're involved in direct patient care, you may get requests from DDS to submit copies of your treatment records and reports on behalf of your patients.The medical information you provide helps us make timely, accurate decisions on your patients' claims for Social Security or Medicaid disability benefits.

Medical Report Requirements

  • For each disability claim, we need medical evidence of the diagnoses, exam findings, test results, and any available information about the effects of the impairments on the person’s ability to function.
  • This medical evidence generally comes from you, a healthcare provider who has an ongoing treatment relationship with the patient.
  • You may receive a $20 expedite fee if you submit the requested records within 21 days from the date on the letter we sent you.

Submitting Reports Electronically

You can submit your reports faster by sending them in an electronic format. Choose the method that works best for you:

  • On Social Security's secure website:
    You can transmit electronic records using your existing Internet connection.
    • Click here for a demo of the site.
    • To get a PIN and Password to use the secure web site, please contact DDS at 1-800-734-2463.
  • By fax:
    You can fax records at any time, day or night, to 1-866-507-5485.  Fax software programs may also be used if you can make the first page of the fax the DDS bar-coded cover sheet letter. The faxes are digitized for claims processing.

For More Information

For more information about submitting your records electronically, please contact our Professional Relations Officer at 1-800-734-2463.

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