Consult for DDS

If the evidence provided by a claimant's own medical source is inadequate to determine whether he or she is disabled, we may seek additional medical information or arrange for a Consultative Examination (CE).

Who Does Consultative Examinations

The treating source is generally the preferred source of purchased examinations; however, SSA's rules provide for using someone other than the treating source for a CE or diagnostic study if:

  • The treating source prefers not to perform the examination;
  • There are conflicts or inconsistencies in the file that cannot be resolved by going back to the treating source;
  • The claimant prefers another source and has a good reason for doing so; or
  • Prior experience indicates that the treating source may not be productive.

The type of examination and/or test(s) purchased depends on the specific additional evidence needed for adjudication.

Qualifications to Consult for DDS

You must:

  • Be currently licensed in Vermont;
  • Have the training and experience needed to perform the type of examination or test requested;
  • Not be barred from participation in our programs; and
  • Have the equipment necessary to provide an adequate assessment and record of the existence and level of severity of the individual's alleged impairments.


  • Medical professionals who perform CE's must have a good understanding of SSA's disability programs and their evidence requirements. 
  • Physicians or psychologists chosen may use support staff to help perform consultative examinations. Any such support staff (e.g., X-ray technician, nurse, etc.) must meet appropriate state licensing or certification requirements.
  • Sources are selected based on appointment availability, distance from a claimant's home, and ability to perform specific examinations and tests.

For More Information

To become a Consultative Examiner for DDS, please contact our Professional Relations Officer at 1-800-734-2463. 

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