How DDS Determines Disability

Below is a general overview of how we determine disability for both disability-based Medicaid and Social Security disability benefits.

The Process

  1. The DDS will review your application and write to your healthcare sources to obtain records about the conditions that limit your ability to work.
  2. If the DDS does not get enough evidence from your healthcare sources to make a decision, we will arrange and pay for a special examination.
  3. Once the necessary evidence is obtained, a disability adjudicator and DDS medical consultant(s) will follow the required step-by-step analysis to determine whether you meet the medical requirements for disability.

How Long It Takes

The timeframe varies depending on how quickly your medical sources respond to requests for records and the need for special examinations.  Some determinations may take several months.  Once DDS has made a determination, you will be notified of the decision.

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