Tatum’s Totes provides comfort for kids in foster care!

04 May 2016

Tatum's TotesAlex and Elizabeth Grimes from Rutland, Vermont started Tatum's Totes in memory of their son Tatum James Grimes who died suddenly from SIDS in 2013. They have found comfort in keeping his memory alive by giving back in different ways.

One way is through fostering, which has become a big part of their lives. They have had several children come through their doors including one who will be staying forever.

They have seen children come into foster care with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Some have come into care with just a few items packed in a grocery bag. 

With the help and incredible generosity of community members, Tatum's Totes is helping to make this transition a little easier for the children.  Each child coming into foster care is given a tote —  their own bag filled with new, age-appropriate items that now belong to them.

Vermonters rock!

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