Specialized Foster Families Needed in St. Albans

09 March 2021

There are children in our community who have been through more trauma than most of us will experience in a lifetime. Some are doubly challenged because of complex medical conditions and behavioral challenges. Finding homes for them requires a thoughtful, compassionate response.

Every child deserves a stable home. And that’s what we’re hoping you might provide.

We are looking for two-parent households, respite care, and shared living homes that offer safe environments for children and youth with special needs. Potential caregivers should have experience working with children and youth with developmental disabilities or be willing to learn how to foster children with special needs.

You will serve as the foundation of a child’s treatment team, and you'll be supported by our family services team with the benefit of:

  • In depth training,
  • Wrap around services — at home and in the community,
  • A generous monthly stipend, and
  • Mileage reimbursement.

Are you healthy?  In a low-risk category for Covid19? If so, there may be a child or youth in foster care who would benefit from your care. We would love to hear from you!