Understanding Vermont’s Opioid Crisis

12 September 2018

Working Together to Create a More Resilient Community:
A Collaborative Eight-Part Opioid Series Exploring Substance Use Disorder in Vermont

This eight-part series highlights the science of addiction and the associated cultural, social and economic challenges. It was developed, in cooperation with the Vermont Opioid Coordination Council, by:

  • Pat McDonald and Ben Kinsley, hosts of Vote for Vermont on ORCA Media
  • Ed Baker, host of the Addiction Recovery Channel on Channel 17

It features experts in the field of substance use disorder, state and local health, education and public safety officials, and members of community-based organizations, all focused on addressing and preventing addiction. Each segment stands on its own, while telling a larger story about the programs, resources and people who work every day on prevention, intervention, treatment, recovery and enforcement.

The eight-part series can be accessed through:

ORCA:  https://www.orcamedia.net/series/understanding-vermonts-opioid-crisis