Help for working families: SWFI

11 April 2018

Being a working parent is hard. The Strengthening Working Families Initiative (SWFI) is breaking down barriers for working families by providing the training and support services they need to get ahead.

SWFI is a US Department of Labor grant awarded to Vermont Tech.  It provides no-cost training and support services to eligible parents who are seeking a livable wage job with benefits in Vermont's manufacturing sector.  

Are you looking for more stability for your family?

We offer a pathway to full-time work that pays well and provides benefits.  We provide supports to help families succeed, including no-cost training, coaching, and help finding and sometimes paying for child care and transportation.

Do you like making things?

Employers in Vermont make some of the best products: Cheese and ice cream, life-saving medical equipment, and parts that make airplanes fly.  The possibilities are endless.  And they need you!

Looking for a new career?

Manufacturing positions in the state of Vermont offer higher than average wages and benefits, and a chance to move up quickly.  Employers have openings now and will have more openings in the future due to the high retirement rate in manufacturing.  Classes begin as short, flexible, 7 week trainings.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Visit the SWFI website. Begin your application here.

Email or call (802) 879-2348.