Help for Former Foster Youth

07 April 2021

While challenging for everyone, the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially hard on young adults.

You may have:

  • been socially isolated,
  • had your education disrupted,
  • lost a job,
  • had a hard time finding a job,
  • faced economic uncertainty, and
  • been at risk of becoming homeless.

Help is available!

If you aged out of foster care after October 1, 2019, DCF and the Youth Development Program (YDP) may be able to help you with challenges brought on by the pandemic.

This includes helping you:

  • Access funding so you can live independently or with an approved, caring adult such as a former foster parent.
  • Find needed resources and services (e.g., food, health care, and emotional support) in your community.

Find out more and access supports.

Reach out to your former DCF Worker or local YDP Coordinator.