Never easier to get a covid vaccine in Vermont!

21 May 2021


It’s never been easier to get vaccinated in Vermont. With vaccine clinics throughout the state, many that don’t require an appointment. 

To learn more, find a walk-in vaccine clinic, or make an appointment, visit


The vaccines used in Vermont are proven to be safe and effective. They use technologies that have been many years in the making and included ten of thousands of participants in their clinical trials. Most importantly, these vaccines were all found to be 100% effective in preventing hospitalizations and death from COVID-19. And we are seeing this impact in Vermont, with dramatically lower hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID-19 since vaccinating many of our highest-risk residents. The best vaccine you can get is the one you can get right now.

While some people have side effects after getting vaccinated, this means your body is working to build protection against the virus. The most common side effects include pain where you got the shot, headache, tiredness, fever, and chills—and these are temporary and usually mild.

Vaccines are the most important tool we have to slow the spread of the virus, open back up, and get back to our lives.