May is National Foster Care Month 2021

04 May 2021

May is National Foster Care Month — a time to honor and celebrate the over 1,500 foster and kinship caregivers in Vermont who offer safety and stability for children while they can’t be at home.  Without the care and support of these incredible caregivers, our work would not be possible.

For that we say: THANK YOU for all that you do!

Celebrate Foster Care Month!

Join us in celebrating Foster Care Month by:

  1. Watching the Foster Care Appreciation May 2021 Video.
  2. Thanking a foster or kinship caregiver you know.

How You Can Help Children and Youth in Foster Care.

With over 1,100 children in foster care, there is always a need for more caregivers.

To provide care, you can be:

  • Single, married, living with a partner or joined through a civil union.  
  • Straight or gay.
  • Young or old.
  • A stay-at-home parent or working outside the home.

All types of families are needed, and all are welcome to apply!

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