Weighing the Risks of COVID-19

28 October 2020
To help keep yourself and your family safe, get in the habit of weighing the risks before you plan outings or consider social gatherings.

  • Consider the potential risks. Ask yourself: 
    • Will I be able to easily stay 6 feet from others?
    • Will others be wearing masks?
    • Will there be enough space for people to spread out?
  • Talk to others about the safety measures that will be in place. Determine what you need to feel safe.
  • Decline invitations or leave situations that feel too risky. You shouldn't feel bad or apologize for prioritizing your safety.

LEARN MORE: Get more COVID-19 safety tips at https://HealthVermont.gov/StaySafeVT

You can live your life and keep your risk low for getting and spreading COVID-19.