Strengthening Working Families Initiative (SWFI)

08 April 2019

SWFI provides eligible parents and guardians with no-cost training and supports so they can find good paying jobs with benefits in Vermont's manufacturing sector.

It is made possible with a grant from the US Department of Labor awarded to Vermont Tech.

If you can check off the entire list below, then you may be eligible!
  • Custodial parent1 who is at least 17 years old
  • Custodial parent1 with one or more children age 13 or younger or at least one child with a disability or developmental delay who is older than 13
  • Eligible to work in the US
  • Not currently working in manufacturing2

1. Custodial parent can include: a married parent, a single parent with full or partial custody, actively parenting step-parent, divorced parent with full or partial custody, a foster parent, legal guardian with custody and/or a grandparent with custody.

2. If you are working for a temporary employment agency you may still be eligible.

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