November is National Adoption Month

01 November 2021

For most of us, "family" means having people who love and support us. People who are there for us whenever we need them. It means always having a place to call home, even after we’ve moved out.

Everyone deserves to have a safe, loving, and forever family.

National Adoption Month is a great time to:

  • Honor and thank all the adoptive parents who have provided permanent, loving homes to children who needed them.
  • Shine a spot light on the approximately 110 children and youth in Vermont foster care who are still waiting and hoping for their forever families. Most of these children are school-aged. Some have siblings and don’t want to be separated. Many are teens who have been through a lot.

Please consider being a forever family. You will change a life. And yours will be changed in return.

To learn how you can adopt a child in Vermont foster care, contact Project Family at 1-800-746-7000 or visit

Read the Governor's 2021 Adoption Month Proclamation