Information for Youth

Woodside is a unique treatment opportunity aimed at helping youth learn and grow with the help of our dedicated, experienced staff.

Treatment Services

To start, we’ll work with you to assess your needs and identify areas for improvement. Then, we’ll work with you, your family, your DCF social worker, and other important people in your life to come up with a treatment and education program designed specifically for you.

Transition Back to the Community

When you’re ready, our transition coordinator will work with you and your team to design a plan to help you successfully re-enter the community. Transitioning will give you the opportunity to “road test” the skills you learned at Woodside, while still having us as your safety net.

If you are at Woodside longer than 14 days, your clinical team (which includes your DCF social worker, educational coordinator, members of your Woodside clinical team, family members, and legal representation) will determine your step down transition placement. This simply means that, with your input, your team will decide where you will live following Woodside.

Transition Services

The services available to help you may include:

  • Case managemen and family support
  • Help applying to college/financial aid
  • Help finding a job, housing and health insurance
  • Identifying permanent connections
  • Individual life skills assessment and instruction
  • Referral to community services

If you turn 18 while in DCF custody, you may be eligible to receive continued services and supports until your 22nd birthday. You would, however, need to meet certain requirements. 

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