Health & Safety Resources

Health and Safety in Child Care

Health and safety resources for child care providers.

Crib Safety Standards for Child Care Programs

Cribs provided by child care facilities and family child care homes must meet federal safety standards.

Diaper Changing Procedures

Staff need to follow step-by-step diaper changing procedure such as these.

Emergency Response Guide for Child Care Programs

This is a booklet that outlines the basics of emergency response plans for child care programs. It also includes sample forms for plans. Click here to download a Word version of the forms.

Vermont Child Care Emergency Preparedness Plan

This document provides information about how the State of Vermont will respond using a coordinated effort while managing an emergency, disaster, or pandemic event and during the recovery phase.

Healthy Child Care America (Link)

Provides information on SIDS and a free course on SIDS for child care providers.

Immunizations (link to VT Dept. of Health)

The purpose of the immunization requirements for entry into child care is to protect children, staff, and the public against vaccine-preventable diseases in child care centers. These rules establish minimum immunization requirements for attendance at regulated center based and family child care, including Pre-Kindergarten. The Department of Health is the resource for appropriate forms, including exemption forms and resources on the appropriate immunizations at each age.

Child Care Immunization Report Form

Regulated child care programs in Vermont, including registered and licensed home programs, center based programs, public school preschool programs and Head Start programs, are required to submit an immunization survey for the children enrolled once per year by December 31st. This immunization survey is required by child care rule 5.1.4. 

Please complete the survey by clicking on this link:

  • Information about immunizations documenting and reporting requirements is available through the Immunization Registry Quick Reference Guide, and Immunization Reporting Fact Sheet.
  • For help completing the form please call 1-800-649-2642. For more information about the required immunizations please call your local district Department of Health office. 
  • To view a printable version of this survey goes to Immunization_Report Example. The survey must be submitted online, the printable version is available to help you prepare the information for submission.

Mandated Reporting

Child care providers are required by law to report suspected child abuse and neglect.

Playground Safety Info (Link)

Information about how to keep your playground safe.

National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care (Link)

The Resource Center seeks to enhance the quality of child care by supporting state and local health departments, child care regulatory agencies, child care providers, and parents in their efforts to promote health and safety in child care.

National SAFEKIDS Campaign (Link)

The National SAFE KIDS Campaign's mission is to prevent the number one killer of children - unintentional injury.

Poisonous Plants (link to Northern New England Poison Control Center)

Child care programs must protect children from any and all conditions that could harm them, including poisonous plants.

Pressure-Treated Wood (link to VT Dept. of Health)

Learn about the health hazards of pressure-treated wood and alternatives. Programs should not use pressure-treated wood for play equipment or other structures as it contains chemicals that can be harmful to children..

Safe Sleep for Babies

Tips for making a safe sleep environment for your baby from the VT Department of Health. For more information, read A Parent's Guide to Safe Sleep, from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Toy and Household Item Recalls (link to Consumer Product Safety Commission)

You can find information on over 4,500 product recalls and recall alerts using the various searches on their website.

Vermont's Lead Law (link to VT Dept of Health)

Vermont’s lead law requires landlords of older buildings and child care facility operators to take steps to help prevent children from being exposed to lead.

Vermont's Lead Law - Essential Maintenance Practices(Link to VT Dept of Health)

The Vermont Lead Law requires Essential Maintenance Practices to be completed annually on child care facilities located in buildings built before 1978. A compliance statement must be filed with the Vermont Department of Health, the owner’s liability insurance carrier, and the Vermont Department for Children and Families, Child Development Division.

Extreme Weather Chart

This chart gives guidelines to consider when determine if the weather is appropriate for outdoor play.


For printable posters that you can post within your child care program, see the Vermont Department of Health's Proper Handwashing poster or the CDC's handwashing posters.


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