BFIS Maintenance Status

Bright Futures Information System (BFIS) sometimes experiences issues that may cause users or child care providers to experience a slow down or error in the system. If you experience what you think is system error please check this page to see if the problem has already been reported to the BFIS Help Desk Staff. If it has not yet reported, how to report the issue is outlined below.

October 9, 2019

Reported issue: BFIS is down
Resolution: As of 10:00 AM this site is back working. Please let the help desk know if you experience any other issues.

September 5, 2019

Reported issue: BFIS will slow down or not work when using multiple tabs or windows to access information.
Resolution: When a user has multiple tabs or windows open and the system logs you out, it will sometimes create two log in sessions when you try to log in. The resolution to this is to only work in BFIS with one tab/window open. If prompted to log in a second time when using BFIS, please log out of all sessions, close all of your browsers and restart BFIS. Do not log in a second time.


To make a report of an BFIS error message please email the following details to

  • Your name
  • Your role (licensor/eligibility specialist/child care provider/etc)
  • What you were doing before and during the error
  • Screen capture/shot of the error message, and the activity you did prior to receiving the error

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