Child Care Stabilization Infant Toddler Grants

The Vermont Legislature and Governor have appropriated money to fund Child Care Stabilization Infant Toddler Grants. These grants are meant to:

  • Support early care and development programs serving low income working families and young children in Vermont, particularly those serving infants and toddlers.
  • Help early care and development programs provide quality services that promote children’s development and well-being and strengthen families, with a focus on infant and toddler services.
Who is eligible to receive these grants?

Center Based and Family Child Care Homes are eligible to receive these grants that:

  • Are at least one star;
  • The number of children receiving Child Care Financial Assistance in their program represents at least 50% of their licensed capacity;
  • Serve infants and/or toddlers (children age 6 weeks to their second birthday) that are receiving Child Care Financial Assistance;
  • Serve on average a minimum of one infant or toddler that receives Child Care Financial Assistance every month that is used to determine grant amount.

The number of grants and how much programs get is limited by available funds and determined by applying the same formula to all qualifying programs semi-annually. Participation in other grant programs does not have any effect on eligibility for these grants.

How will I know if my program will receive grant funds?

Grant amounts will be determined semi-annually. If you are getting a grant, your program will receive a letter with the amount your program will receive. A list of programs receiving grants will also be maintained on this webpage.

Will I need to do anything to receive the grant if my program is on the list?

No. Grant payments will be processed through Bright Futures Information System (BFIS), and will be paid to you just like CC FAP payments are paid. If you have a business office or are part of a larger organization, you may want to let your business office know you are expecting to receive this payment in addition to the subsidies.

Do we need to report on how the funds were spent?

Yes. There are no specific requirements about how you spend the grant award but the legislature is interested in how the funds fulfill the purposes described above. Annually the Child Development Division will send you a brief on-line survey about how the funds helped your program. Programs must respond to the survey to continue to receive funding.

If I get a grant once will I get the same amount each time?

 No. Grant awards are calculated twice per year, based on attendance records for CC FAP eligible children at all qualifying programs. Programs must:

How are programs selected?

Twice a year, a formula, based on Child Care Financial Assistance Program billing data and licensed capacity is applied to all eligible programs (see eligibility requirements above) to create a score. This score is used to determine the priority for each program to receive a grant. The highest score is the program who has priority to receive a grant, and so on. The grants are paid out to programs based on priority until the money allocated for the period is spent.

We apply the formula across all qualifying programs semi-annually that includes these weighted factors:

  • Percent of children eligible for CCFAP attending and billed for to licensed capacity of the program (70%)
  • Average number of children receiving CC FAP billed  (15%)
  • Average number of infants and toddlers receiving CC FAP billed  (15%)
List of Programs Receiving Grant
More Information on the Grant Program

The Vermont Legislature and Governor appropriated $1 million dollars in the 2020 state fiscal year budget for infant and toddler grants.

  • $200,000 will be used to fund Child Care Stabilization Infant Toddler Grants. (These grants) The Child Development Division (CDD) is responsible for administering these grants.
  • $800,000 will be used for infant/toddler capacity building grants. More information will be available in the future about these grants.

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