Child Care Training Requirements

Child care providers who have direct responsibility for the care and oversight of children, including center staff and family child care providers, must complete certain trainings to comply with the Vermont Child Care Regulations.

Training Support

Vermont funds an organization through the Community College of Vermont called Northern Lights @ CCV that can answer questions about professional development and how that fits with your goals. Please visit Northern Lights @ CCV's website at You can call or email Northern Lights your professional development questions at 802-540-8168 or email

Training Requirements

Child care licensing regulations in Vermont require training for providers and staff. It is important to refer to the appropriate regulations and position to determine the number of training hours required annually.

If your program is an approved Specialized Child Care as the director or owner you are required to take 6 hours of advanced specialized training annually to maintain compliance with your Specialized Child Care Agreement, these 6 hours can also be used as some of your annual professional development required by licensing.

Vermont Child Care Regulations require training be verified and entered in your BFIS Quality & Credential Account. This fact sheet describes how to get training, education and credentials entered and verified in your BFIS Quality & Credential Account.

Vermont Orientation Training

Vermont requires orientation training and written policies for specific positions in regulated child care. Please refer to the appropriate regulations and position to determine if orientation is required. The training consists of two parts:

  1. Mandated Reporter Training. See below for more information on this training and how to access it.
  2. The Vermont Child Development Division (CDD) worked with Pennsylvania State University (Better Kid Care) to offer an online 9-hour module to meet the Vermont Orientation Training requirements that is available now at The training is offered at the cost of $20 per person.

    This online orientation training is for people who work in regulated child care, preschool and afterschool settings. Registered home providers, licensed home providers and staff, Center Based Child Care and Preschool Program staff, including public school preschool program staff, and Afterschool Program staff who worked in regulated care prior to providing care to children.

    Employers have an option to provide an orientation to their staff that meets the requirements of the regulations. Employers must review the required documentation as outlined in the Vermont Child Care Regulations Required Orientation Training Template and must maintain that documentation as required. Questions about the requirements can be directed to the Licensor on Duty at 1-800-649-2642 option 3 or by emailing

Child Abuse and Neglect Mandatory Reporting Training

This page on our website has helpful guidance on reporting child abuse and neglect. Online training on reporting child abuse and neglect is available. This training may be applied towards annual professional development requirements when it is successfully completed for the first time:

First Aid and CPR

Pediatric first aid and infant/child CPR training must meet criteria and be verified in the individual's BFIS Quality & Credential Account to meet the regulatory requirements. For this, you must receive documentation of certification that includes:

  • the name and logo of the training organization,
  • the date of the training,
  • the type of training (pediatric first aid and/or infant/child CPR),
  • that infant and child skills were covered,
  • your name as the individual certified, and
  • the expiration date for the certification.

If the certification documentation does not reflect that infant and child skills were covered, additional documentation from the training organization must be submitted that does reflect that infant and child skills were covered.

If you complete an online pediatric first aid and/or infant/child CPR training, it must include a hands-on skills component recognized and accepted by the online training organization. Northern Lights at CCV's website provides information about trainings that meet the criteria.   

Please see information about the current waiver by reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Child Care Licensing Regulations page

Medication Administration Training

The medication administration training must meet this criteria to count towards the regulations requirement, and it must be entered and verified in your BFIS Quality & Credential Account.  If you question whether a training meets the criteria, please consult with Northern Lights @ CCV staff.  The criteria consist of the following:

  • Taught by a RN or MD;
    Content includes:
  • 5 rights of medication administration (right child, right medication, right dose, right time and right route),
  • Procedures (receiving medication from the parent, storage of medication, prepare and administer medication, and documenting medication administered),
  • Side effects, errors, and adverse effects, and
  • Asthma and Anaphylaxis medication practice skills component, and
  • Be a minimum of 2 hours and sponsored by a Northern Lights @CCV approved sponsor.

If the medication administration training is online, it must include an in-person or Online Real-Time skills component for administering asthma and anaphylaxis medication and meet the above training criteria along with Northern Lights online training criteria.

  • Medication Administration Training which meets the VT Child Care Licensing requirements can be located by searching the BFIS course calendar. If you are having difficulty finding a training in your region please contact Northern Lights @ CCV at 802-540-8168 or email
  • Medication Instructors can be found by searching the BFIS instructor registry 

Emergency Response Training

While the licensee of a Center Based Program and a Family Child Care Provider are required to attend an emergency preparedness training, CDD does not require any particular training to meet this requirement. The only requirement is that the training include sheltering in place education. Anyone skilled in emergency response planning may offer a training. This training will assist the licensee or Family Child Care Provider in revising the Emergency Response Plan. To find trainings search the BFIS Course Calendar. Additional trainings may be listed on the Northern Lights at CCV Child Care Training Requirements page

Page Last Updated: 04/05/2022

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