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Act 76 (H.217)

Act 76 (H.217), an act related to child care and early childhood education, became law on June 20, 2023.  The law makes major investments in Vermont’s child care system, and mandates policy changes that will impact child care in both early childhood and school-age settings.

How is CDD responding to Act 76?

CDD is actively working to implement Act 76 and is partnering with other state agencies and community partners to carry out the law. Some elements of the law went into effect on July 1, 2023; others will roll out over the next two years.

Status Updates & Feedback Opportunities

As updates are available, we will communicate through the following:

We will offer opportunities for providing feedback where we can in this process. We strongly encourage families, child care providers, community members, and other interested parties to monitor/subscribe to the above for when opportunities become available.

Tools & Resources

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