Forms for Child Care Financial Assistance

Below are links to various forms required for use with The Child Development Division.  Child Care Financial Assistance helps eligible families with the cost of child care. Payments are made directly to child care providers.We use Adobe Acrobat PDF files as a means to electronically provide forms. You will need to have Adobe Reader software installed to access them (available FREE from Adobe's Website).  Simply click on the title of the form you wish to view/download.


Child Care Financial Assistance

Supplemental Forms (for parents)

CCFAP Child Support Information Form
Child Care Financial Assistance: CIS Family Support
Consent to Exchange Information
School-Age Summer Schedule Form
Seeking Employment Plan
Self-Employment Business Plan
Special Health Needs (Adult)
Special Health Needs (Child)
Training Plan
Verification of Employment
Vermont Resources for Families Handout

Supplemental Forms (for Providers)

Provider Rate Agreement, Part 1 Financial Services
W-9 Form

Child Care Financial Assistance Eligibility Specialists Forms
(for CCFAP Eligibility Specialists ONLY)

Case Review Form Part I
Case Review Form Part II
CCFAP Case File Checklist Form
Consent to Exchange Information
Employment Verification
Financial Agreement, Part 1
Financial Assistance Regulations
Out of State Provider Packet
PS-FC Request for Co-Payment
Records Pickup Request
Retroactive Payment Request
School Age Summer Schedule Form

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