COVID-19 Child Care Resources for Families

Looking for Child Care?

Families that are looking for child care can call their local child care referral specialist. Trained referral specialists will help families explore the child care options in their community.

Paying for Child Care

The Child Care Financial Assistance Program helps families pay for child care. Families with a household of four people can make up to $77,256 per year and qualify for some help. Information about how to apply is available for families.

Families that receive Child Care Financial Assistance have options available to them to help pay for child care even if their child is not able to attend during the COVID-19 response period. The Child Development Division has sent this letter to families receiving the program with options available to them.

Essential Persons that Qualify for Child Care Services

The “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order from Vermont’s Governor on March 24, 2020, includes a list of who is an essential person. The list of essential persons is available at Employers can use this website to clarify which employees are essential persons, and to confirm for employees and their child care programs if an employee is essential.

Who may receive child care services at this time?

Through May 31st, 2020, regulated child care programs in Vermont may only provide child care services for persons considered to be essential.

Individuals using child care during the COVID-19 Child Care Closure Period should self-assess whether they meet the definition of an Essential Person:

"Essential Persons” are employees of businesses and entities providing services or functions deemed critical to public health and safety, as well as economic and national security as described in Stay Home/Stay Safe and supplemental guidance issued by the Agency of Commerce and Community Development: provided, however, child care being provided to Essential Persons during the State of Emergency shall only be utilized by Essential Persons

(a) when there is no parent, guardian or other arranged care in the home to care for the child; or

(b) in the event of exigent circumstances necessary for the health and safety of the child. 

Further, in the event of child care capacity constraints, the children of healthcare providers and other essential healthcare system employees, first responders and essential government employees with primary responsibility for execution of the COVID-19 response shall receive priority placement.”

Vermonters can self-certify their status as Essential Persons

You may also be eligible if the child who needs care is involved with DCF and child care is part of the safety plan. This includes a child who is in DCF custody or part of a family with an open case.

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