Supplies Related to COVID-19 Needs for Child Care Programs

Access to supplies is important for child care programs that are open during the COVID-19 response period.

In July the Child Development Division in partnership with the Parent Child Center network distributed hand soap and cloth facial coverings to the Parent Child Centers across the state, so that regulated child care programs that were reopening could access some starter supplies. The supplies were also available to Children's Integrated Services providers. Many of the supplies were distributed to programs to help start them back up while supplies were difficult to obtain.

Some areas had very few programs accessing the supplies, and we want to remind the child care, preschool and afterschool programs as well as the CIS providers that have not yet received supplies in those areas to reach out and access the supplies that are available to you. Please reach out by October 2nd, as we plan to redistribute supplies after that date.

To request supplies:

  • Call or email the contact person below to arrange pick up of the supplies
  • You will need to provide the name of your program, the licensed capacity of your program, and your contact information
  • The individual will put together a predetermined package of supplies for your program and let you know when it is ready and how to pick it up
  • It make take a few days for the programs to get the package ready for you. Please do not drop in without an call or email and prior arrangement.

The following areas have supplies available for multiple programs:

Mike Courtemanche 
Early Education Services

Vikki Patterson
Milton Family Community Center
802-893-1457 or

Wendy Chauvin
Lamoille Family Center

Amy Elliott or  Kristi Hatley
NEKCA/Parent Child Center North or

Hannah Arias
The Family Place

Karla Emery
Orange County Parent Child Center
802-685-2264 or

The following locations may have limited supplies (may have masks or soap, but not both, or a lot):

Robin Stromgren
Sunrise Family Resource Center
802-236-4069 or

There are two pick up sites in Burlington, please contact only one for your supplies.
Courtney Farrell

Josh Miller
The Janet S. Munt Family Room

Joann Jenkins
Family Center of Washington County
802-262-3292 ext 129 or

Corissa Burnell
Rutland County Parent Child Center

St. Johnsbury
Bobbie Lepine
NEKCA/Parent Child Center South
(802)487-4078 or

North Springfield
Ariel Rose
Springfield Area Parent Child Center
Note: Leave a message for Ariel with person that answers the phone, or on voicemail

Optional Suppliers

The following list of resources is not a complete list, however it is opportunities the state is sharing. Any suppliers listed are for information only, this is not a complete list of suppliers, and no program is required to order from these suppliers:

Hand Sanitizer

Some Vermont distilleries are making hand sanitizer for those in need.  People can bring their own containers and refill them.  Here’s a list of all Vermont Distilleries: The ones participating in making hand sanitizer are notes as such in the list. 


Foley Distributing
Derek Fenhagen
Notes: Contact Derek to set up an account

FDA Warning

The FDA has issued a warning to not use certain types of hand sanitizers due to the potential presence of methanol (wood alcohol), a substance that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested. Please lee the warning on the FDA website.

Cloth Facial Coverings

Vermont Emergency Management maintains information on businesses that sell cloth facial coverings and information on how to make your own. Information is available at

Disposable Gloves

The Division is working to help child care programs to have access to disposable gloves. As we have more information we will send out more information.


Fastenal Industrial and Construction Supplies
Dennis Blaney
Notes: Only accepts orders in bulk

Foley Distributing
Derek Fenhagen
Notes: Contact Derek to set up an account

Cleaning supplies

We are working on access to cleaning supplies. We have explored several options that have not worked. We are still working on ways for child care providers to have access, and once we have information it will be sent out.  Programs can clean with a soap and water mixture, with no specific soap requirements.  A economical option for disinfecting programs can use is a bleach and water mixture.  Bleach is less expense and more readily available in stores.  Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for measuring and mixing the bleach and water solution.  Remember that a bleach and water mixture needs to be made fresh each day to maintain the effectiveness as a disinfectant.

Optional Suppliers:

Empire Janitorial
Contact: Brian Lovejoy Ph: 800-462-1212;
Notes: Delivers statewide with no minimum orders

MSC Industrial
Contact: Brad Palonen; Ph: 802-689-6101; 

Foley Distributing
Derek Fenhagen;
Notes: Contact Derek to set up an account

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Child Development Division (CDD)
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