Submitting COVID-19 Child Care Invoices

You have three options for submitting invoices to receive Child Care Stabilization Payments & Essential Persons Child Care Incentive & Tuition Payments.

  1. Use our online form at Here are the instructions.
  2. Use this blank invoice which is a fillable pdf.
  3. Use this Excel Spreadsheet which is set up as an invoice.

Please use only ONE option to submit an invoice. Submitting more than one invoice for a pay period may delay processing and payment.

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The Child Development Division has been operating a child care stabilization and essential persons program that regulated child care programs are eligible to apply to receive funds.  These programs are for all families, regardless of income. The program started 3/16/2020 and ends on 5/30/2020. The deadline to submit invoices for the programs is June 7th at 11:59 PM.

Child Care Stabilization:
This program is intended to support child care programs financially when children cannot attend their programs due to the COVID closure. This pays up to 50% of tuition costs (or co-payment for Child Care Financial Assistance) for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. It does not pay for school age children.

Essential Persons Incentives and Tuition Payments
This program is a program to help parents that are essential persons pay for child care during the crisis, and provide an incentive to the child care program to serve these children.

Incentives – child care programs will receive $125 per week per child that is an essential persons’ child. This amount is not for tuition and can be used by the program for other needs.

Infant, toddler, and preschool tuition payments for essential persons: If an essential person needed to use a new child care program due to their program closing, the state will pay 100% of the tuition up to $360 per week.

School age tuition payments for essential persons: This program pays for a school age child of an essential person. It pays up to $200 tuition per week for each school age child. The provider cannot charge the family any difference over the $200 per week while this program is in effect.

There is a frequently asked questions document on the stabilization and essential persons program is available here:

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