Vermont B-5 System Improvement Project

The State of VT received a federal Preschool Development Grant - Birth Through Five, allowing VT to build on its strengths and accomplishments to help children B-5 (birth through age five) realize their potential. 

Vermont B-5 System Improvement Project One-Sheet

The Project Will:

  • Improve understanding of how children, families and early childhood professionals are served in the system, with a focus on vulnerable populations 
  • Identify and address unmet needs and gaps
  • ​Sustain and grow emerging innovations


Core components of VT’s EC (early childhood) system are managed by AHS (Agency of Human Services) and AOE (Agency of Education).

BBF (Building Bright Futures), Department of Mental Health, and Department of Health, Maternal and Child Health Division are primary partners.  (BBF is a public-private partnership to advise VT’s Administration and Legislature on early childhood care, health and education.)


Activity 1: Needs Assessment

We are committed to creating a stronger system for children by conducting 5 analyses that will inform the Strategic Plan:

  • Count of children B-5 participating in childcare subsidies, Early Head Start/Head Start, Universal Pre-K and IDEA Part C and IDEA Part B Section 619
  • Analyze capacity and quality of ECCE (early childhood care and education) programs vs. potential demand
  • Assess strengths and challenges of ECPDS (Early Childhood Professional Development System)
  • Analyze gaps in available data
  • Analyze current investments
Activity 2: Updating VT’s B-5 Strategic Plan

Update the Strategic Plan / ECAP (VT’s Early Childhood Action Plan) within the Results-Based Accountability Framework, to help VT achieve 6 goals / results:

  • All children have a healthy start
  • Families and communities play a leading role in children’s well-being
  • All children and families have access to high-quality opportunities
  • VT invests in prevention and plans for future success of children
  • Data and accountability drive progress of childhood outcomes
  • Early childhood system is innovative and integrated across sectors
Activity 3: Maximizing Parental Knowledge and Choice

Better reach parents and families where they are, in a culturally and linguistically inclusive manner, through community partners, services and online information

  • 3 components:
    • Promote and expand VT's ‘Help Me Grow’ system
    • Support BBF's Families and Communities Committee
    • Educate families about CCFAP (Child Care Financial Assistance Program) and STARS (VT's childcare quality rating / recognition system)
Activity 4: Sharing Best Practices

Share best practices among ECCE providers

  • 4 strategies:
    • Pilot Early-MTSS coaching for socio-emotional and academic supports
    • Increase cultural and linguistic engagement in early education using VT Guiding Principles
    • Support partnerships between public and private ECCE programs
    • BFC (Building Flourishing Communities) (a resilience-building program)
Activity 5: Improving Overall Quality

Improve overall quality of EC system and ECCE programs

  • 3 strategies:​
    • Expand professional development opportunities in VT ECPDS
    • Continue development of CIS (Children’s Integrated Services) Data System
    • Continue development of VT Insights
Activity 6: Evaluation Plan

Evaluate the success of VT B-5 System Improvement Project:

  • How grant was maximized
  • Further improvements

Project Updates:

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