Vermont Early Childhood and Afterschool Professionals Workforce Report Released

16 October 2019

The Child Development Division oversees programs that support families in accessing high quality early childhood and afterschool services and programs. The professionals that work in early childhood and afterschool programs and services make a big impact on children and their families’ lives. A workforce of individuals that are well prepared to support families and children is important.

The Child Development Division just released a workforce report on the Vermont Early Childhood and Afterschool Professionals Workforce. The report is available at:

CDD collects data and provides support to several different groups of individuals within the early childhood and afterschool workforce. This report provides data on two of those groups:

  1. Children’s Integrated Services (CIS) Workforce
  2. Regulated child care, preschool and afterschool workforce

The report contains data on the size of the workforce and the reported degrees and credentials of the workforce. It is reporting on data from December 2018. The CDD plans to release an annual report of this type, with a projected date of release being June 2020 for the December 2019 data.
Highlights from the report include:

  • There are approximately 350 individuals in the CIS workforce.
    • The majority of the individuals with education reported had a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • There were 8345 individuals in the regulated care workforce as of December 2018
    • The majority of those individuals worked in a center based program.
    • 35.6% of individuals working in regulated care have a degree or credential verified in the state’s data system. Of those 46.4% reported having achieved a bachelor’s degree or higher.

This report:

  • Reports on position and degree/credential data the CDD currently has about each workforce
  • It does not contain any analysis of the workforce, or if individuals meet qualifications for their positions.
  • It does not report on individuals that have college coursework, but no degree or credential

Things for readers of the report to consider:

  • How can you support the workforce in reporting all their training and education accurately and in a timely manner?
  • Once data is fully populated what questions about the workforce should be answered through this report in the future?