Updates for Child Care Providers from the Child Development Division

21 May 2020

Licensing Frequently Asked Questions about Opening

Child care licensing has compiled questions about child care programs opening in June, and have answered many of the questions. Please check out the answers on our website: https://dcf.vermont.gov/cdd/covid-19/cc-programs/licensing

If you have a question about opening you can call the Licensor on Duty at 1-800-649-2342 option 3 or by emailing ahs.dcfcddchildcarelicensing@vermont.gov.

What to Expect from a Licensing Visit

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Child Development Division will be following some new procedures during licensing visits. We have developed a fact sheet on what you can expect: What to Expect from a Child Care Licensing Site Visit During COVID Response Fact Sheet


We recognize that supplies can be difficult to obtain during this time. We have been working with the State Emergency Operations Center to find ways to support child care and afterschool programs in accessing the supplies they need to open this summer. The following are things that have been worked on:

  • Thermometers:  The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) has prioritized several groups as receiving a non contact infrared thermometers, child care programs are a group that are prioritized. The thermometers are coming in slowly and are being distributed by child care licensing staff as soon as they are available. Programs without a non contact infrared thermometer will be prioritized to receive one. We will reach out to you as thermometers become available.
  • Cloth Facial Coverings: Cloth facial coverings have been donated to the state, and child care programs are one of the groups that may receive the facial coverings. We are currently working on distribution points to pick up coverings and the number available per child care staff. At this point it appears we will have 3 to 4 distribution sites across the state. We will send an update as we have more information.
  • Hand Sanitizer: Donated hand sanitizer is on its way to Vermont, and is anticipated to arrive in June. Also, some Vermont distilleries are making hand sanitizer.  People can bring their own containers and refill them.  Here’s a list of all Vermont Distilleries:  https://www.distillerytrail.com/directory-distillery/locations/vermont/. The ones participating in making hand sanitizer are noted as such in the list.
  • Disposable Gloves: The Division is working to help child care programs to have access to disposable gloves. As we have more information and a distribution point(s) we will send out more information.
  • Cleaning supplies: We are working on access to cleaning supplies. We have explored several options that have not worked. We are still working on ways for child care providers to have access, and once we have information it will be sent out.

We have updated our website and are compiling resources for child care providers on opening: https://dcf.vermont.gov/cdd/covid-19/cc-programs

Keeping Children Safe from Abuse and Neglect

The DCF Family Services Division has concerns that abuse and neglect may be on the rise, although the number of reports has been declining. They have created guidance on things to look for and working with families. The guidance is available on the Department's website.