Updates for Child Care Programs

11 June 2020

Included in this post are updates on:


STARS Renewals and Annual Reports

We understand that the last few months have been challenging, and we want to support you. One of the ways we are doing this is by extending the current STARS level of all participating program for one year, effective June 1, 2020 until June 1, 2021.

That means that you do not need to submit STARS annual reports or applications to update the STARS status of your program during this time.

Providers may still apply to increase their star level, and can still receive technical support from the STARS office and programmatic support from the STARS assessors. 

You may disregard any recent emails from the STARS office you may have received recently with information about a STARS annual report or application that is due.

Look for an email from the STARS office with information specific to your program and about the supports we will continue to offer. Alternatively, you can contact the STARS office at stars@mjccvt.org to sign up to attend our virtual office hours, or call 802-398-2037 for information.

STARS Evolution/Changes

The Child Development Division (CDD) used Race to the Top, Early Learning Challenge Grant funds to evaluate STARS. As part of that evaluation, child care providers and community partners were surveyed about what is working and what is not working in STARS. The Division also surveyed families to learn about their impressions of STARS. The results of this survey are available here: Vermont STARS Validation and Evaluation Study 2015-2017.

Using all this information and working with the STARS Evolution and Oversight Committees, the Division was working to make changes to STARS. Several groups of providers were working on making on recommendations on the different aspects of the second phase of the changes prior to the COVID closure period.

The work of the recommendations has been paused, as CDD wants to ensure that we have plenty of time and opportunities to get feedback on the changes from child care programs and others. We hope to restart the work in the fall, and will send an update when it has been restarted.

This change means that the timeline for STARS changes has changed, and we do not have a date for changes to take effect yet.

New Question added to the Licensing FAQs

The Child Development Division has added a question and answer to our Licensing FAQs. Please refer to the full document if you have questions. The new question and answer is below!

Do children with seasonal allergies or mild asthma need a doctor’s note to attend child care?
If the child has been enrolled in your program, you can take the parent’s statement that their doctor confirmed that the allergies and/or asthma do not prevent them from attending child care. CBCCPPs and FCCHs enrolling new children do need to have documentation from a recent health examination as required in CBCCPP and FCCH rule 5.1.2.