Updates from Child Care Licensing

19 July 2020

Updated Child Care Licensing Frequently Asked Questions

The Child Development Division has updated the child care licensing frequently asked questions related to COVID. You can find the document on our website.

This guidance has been updated to answer additional questions that have come to the division and to align with the revised health guidance for child care programs.

Medication Administration Training

The medication administration training requirements have been updated to allow for Online Real-Time skills component for administering asthma and anaphylaxis medication. Please see the criteria for the training:

The medication administration training must meet this criteria to count towards the regulations requirement, and it must be entered and verified in your BFIS Quality & Credential Account.  If you question whether a training meets the criteria, please consult with Northern Lights @ CCV staff.  The criteria consist of the following:

  • Taught by a RN or MD;
    Content includes:
  • 5 rights of medication administration (right child, right medication, right dose, right time and right route),
  • Procedures (receiving medication from the parent, storage of medication, prepare and administer medication, and documenting medication administered),
  • Side effects, errors, and adverse effects, and
  • Asthma and Anaphylaxis medication practice skills component, and
  • Be a minimum of 2 hours and sponsored by a Northern Lights @CCV approved sponsor.

If the medication administration training is online, it must include an in-person or Online Real-Time skills component for administering asthma and anaphylaxis medication and meet the above training criteria along with Northern Lights online training criteria.

  • Medication Administration Training which meets the VT Child Care Licensing requirements can be located by searching the BFIS course calendar. If you are having difficulty finding a training in your region please contact Northern Lights @ CCV at 802-540-8168 or email northernlights@ccv.edu.
  • Medication Instructors can be found by searching the BFIS instructor registry