Update and New Information on Fingerprint Record Checks for Prequalified Prekindergarten Programs

19 August 2016


To:                          Licensed and Registered Child Care Providers
                                Prequalified Prekindergarten Education Programs
From:                    Child Development Division, Department for Children and Families
Subject:               UPDATE and NEW INFORMATION on Records Checks and Implementation of New Fingerprinting Requirements to Prepare for Beginning of Academic Pre-K School Year
Date:                     August 19, 2016
CC:                         Ken Schatz, Commissioner of Department for Children and Families
                                Hal Cohen, Secretary of Human Services
                                Rebecca Holcombe, Secretary of Education
We are writing with an important update and new information on the fingerprint record check process for Pre-K providers.  This memorandum provides the most up to date information on fingerprinting that should be followed.

  • If you have been fingerprint cleared for Act 166 Pre-K by school districts either last year or this year, you do not need to get fingerprinted again at this time.
  • We have heard that there are challenges getting appointments at fingerprint identification centers.We are working with law enforcement to expedite this process, including requesting extended appointment hours. 
  • In order to comply with background check provisions in the education law and receive Act 166 funds, staff working in the Pre-K program must be fingerprint cleared before having unsupervised contact with children.This means that any Pre-K staff whose fingerprint clearances are pending must be supervised until cleared.

 If you plan to provide Act 166 Pre-K and have Pre-K staff who have not yet been fingerprint cleared, it is urgent that you complete and send to CDD as soon as possible:

When you receive the Fingerprint Authorization Certificate from CDD, it is critical that all Pre-K staff are fingerprinted as soon as possible.  A list of fingerprint identification centers is available on the Vermont Crime Information Center (VCIC) website: http://vcic.vermont.gov/ch-information/record-checks/fingerprint-id-centers/contacts