Tips for Partner Staff on CDD Licensing Background Clearances

17 November 2017

“Partner Staff” means a person employed by another entity, other than the Center Based Child Care and Preschool Program (CBCCPP) and/or Family Child Care Home (FCCH), who works with a child or group of children within the CBCCPP/FCCH.

Typically, Part C developmental educators/early interventionists, nurses, CIS Child Care Coordinators, therapists (e.g. speech or physical therapists), mentors, and etcetera meet the definition of partner staff.  It is the responsibility of the child care program to understand and comply with partner staff background clearance requirements. Different child care programs may have varying practices regarding when and how they make these requests.   If requested by a child care provider, please complete the Record Check Authorization form.

If a child care program is unclear how to comply with CDD licensing background clearance requirements, please refer them to the Licensor on Duty (LOD) line at (802) 649-2642 option 3.  CDD licensing staff have provided and will continue to provide significant technical assistance to child care programs through the LOD line, during licensing visits, and through written communication.

Licensors take turns covering the LOD line each day.  The call volume is high enough that callers do need to leave a message.  Calls are returned the same day except for end of day calls which may need to be returned the next day.  More and more providers are now taking advantage of this resource.  This is the best way for a program to determine whether they are in compliance with regulations.  If they are not, they have time to come into compliance before a licensing visit. 

When required to complete a Record Check Authorization form:

If you have been asked to complete and submit a Record Check Authorization form, you may provide the completed form to the CBCCPP/FCCH to submit to CDD, or you may submit it directly to CDD yourself. If you are submitting it directly to CDD, please keep a copy of the document for your own records. 

  • When you submit the Record Check Authorization form, CDD documents your personal contact information in a BFIS Quality and Credential account for you. Only CDD staff have access to this information. 
  • There is a licensing rule that requires CBCCPP/FCCHs to have the partner staff member's address and contact information.  Because the Record Check Authorization form obtains this information, the program is considered in compliance with this licensing rule when CDD receives the Record Check Authorization form. 
  • Child care programs know CDD has this when your name is added as Partner Staff to the CBCCPP/FCCHs' Associated Parties list in BFIS.  However, child care programs do not have access to your personal contact information.
  • Please let a CBCCPP/FCCH know that you plan to submit a Record Check Authorization form naming their program if you plan on submitting one to CDD.  Otherwise, it is a surprise to the child care program when your name appears on their Associated Parties list in BFIS.

Tips for completing the Record Check Authorization form:

  • The correct version of the Record Check Authorization form is always accessible on CDD's website (  If an older version is submitted, the form will be returned to you with the request to complete and submit the current version.
  • Please do not add lines or additional information to the form.  It may only be used as it has been designed.
  • CDD does need you to provide your personal contact information, including your individual work or personal email address (in other words, you may not list your supervisor’s email address).  CDD uses this information to communicate directly with you during the background clearance process and to notify you of the results.  This information sharing, and communication is in addition to CDD notifying the CBCCPP/FCCH of the background clearance results.
  • Always circle "Partner Staff" for the position title.  You may feel like "Aide" fits too but if you are not employed directly by the CBCCPP/FCCH, then the correct position title is only "Partner Staff."
  • Complete all lines on the form as required. Sign and date the form.
  • Incomplete forms or forms that have been modified will be returned which delays the approval process.

Tips when visiting multiple child care programs:

  • If you will be visiting more than one CBCCPP/FCCH; you are encouraged to complete the Record Check Authorization for Multi-Site Licensed Programs form.  This form allows you to write 4 CBCCPP/FCCH programs on one form.  Complete the middle section of the form (e.g. name, address, etcetera), then make as many photocopies as you will need.  Complete each form by writing each program's information on the top portion of the form and signing and dating the form.
  • All the tips for completing the Record Check Authorization form also applies to completing the Record Check Authorization for Multi-Site Licensed Programs form and are helpful to review.