Special Accommodation Grants and Stablization Program Updates

05 June 2020

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Special Accommodation Grant Opportunity

The Child Development Division is offering an opportunity to apply for a Special Accommodation Grant. The grants can be used to hire a qualified assistant to support the safe and successful inclusion of a child(ren) with special needs in maintaining placement in a Specialized Child Care Program, while the program expands staff skills and capacity to improve inclusive practice. Specialized Child Care Programs must complete the application in full and apply on behalf of a child. To be eligible programs must be:

  • Be a Vermont regulated child care program that is approved to provide Specialized Child Care; AND
  • Be caring for children with specialized needs.

Programs can apply for funds to support children who:

  • Have an active plan with a child-serving agency or the public school that address their specialized need(s); AND
  • Presence of a documented physical, medical, or behavioral challenge that is causing a safety risk to the child or others within the childcare setting, OR
  • An open case with the Family Services Division (FSD), including children adopted through the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Answers to questions are available on this document - RFA Answers to Questions Submitted

Applications are due by June 14th, 2020 – 4:30PM (EST) and must be submitted based on the requirements of the Request for Proposals outlined in the  Special Accommodation Grant Request for Proposal document and must include the Special Accommodation Grant Application.



Stabilization and Incentive Programs

We appreciate your patience with us as we learned together how to implement the innovative Stabilization and Essential Person Programs. We had many bumps in the road, and we recognize that everyone had a different experience with the program including many providers experiencing delays in payments. We had many lessons learned through the process and want to apologize for any stress or anxiety the delays caused. We received over 4000 invoices and have processed and paid 3000 of the invoices.

We wanted to provide information about what to expect from us as we continue to process payments.


  • The deadline to submit invoices for the Stabilization and/or Essential Person Program is Sunday, June 7th at 11:59 PM. Any invoices submitted after that deadline will not be processed.
  • We are working to process all invoices by June 15th, which means that you may receive a call in the next week with questions we might have on your invoices.
  • If you have an invoice submitted by June 7th and it is not processed, we will work with you beyond this deadline if necessary.

We plan to approve payments for all invoices by June 15th, and payments will be received before June 30th.

Payments are made directly to you. They are not processed through the Bright Futures Information System (BFIS) but are deposited into your bank account or mailed to you. The payments may be for combined invoices based on when your invoices are approved.

Some child care programs received prepayments of the stabilization funds in April. We issued these payments to ensure you had some funds to pay bills while we processed your invoices. We use the stabilization funds that are approved in your invoices to pay this prepayment back. Incentive payments and essential person tuition payments were not used to pay back these funds. This sometimes resulted in direct deposit amounts that were unclear. If you have questions on the payments you have received you can email AHS.DCFCDDInfo@vermont.gov

If you have questions on your invoices you can email AHS.DCFCDDInfo@vermont.gov or call 1-800-649-2642 option 0.
Thank you for your continued patience.