Request for Application

20 November 2019

The CDD is requesting applications from qualified organizations interested in initiating and administering the Expanding Infant and Toddler Child Care Capacity Grant Program in Vermont. The grant program will create more spots for infants and toddlers served by child care programs in Vermont. This grant opportunity is for an organization to administer the grant program. Child care programs interested in the opportunity to expand their capacity can sign up for emails from the division to receive the announcement for when the grants are available.

The selected organization (“Grantee”) will administer a program that provides individual child care programs (“Recipient Programs”) grants for projects that increase infant and toddler child care capacity.

In consultation with the CDD, the Grantee will:

  • create a selection process that the Grantee and a selection committee will use to solicit proposals for child care capacity grants to potential Recipient Programs;
  • develop a process to solicit, review and (if needed) strengthen Recipient Programs’ proposals, and award funds to selected Recipient Programs;
  • manage Recipient Programs’ utilization of funds;
  • monitor selected Recipient Programs and evaluate sustainability of created child care slots; and
  • develop criteria the grantee will use to evaluate Recipient Programs’ projects

Respondents must demonstrate knowledge of, and expertise in the early childhood industry; existence of a structure that will support development of this project; and ability to manage a statewide project.

Details about the Request for Application is available on this site.