Recommended Reform of Act 166 to the Legislature

04 December 2017

Dear Early Childhood Stakeholders and Colleagues

As you may recall, AOE and AHS were asked to submit recommendations regarding Act 166 with the goal of ensuring equity, quality and affordability in prekindergarten services in Vermont while reducing duplication and complexity that has impacted early implementation.

This is the report/recommendations to the House and Senate Committees on Education, House Committee on Human Services, and Senate Committee on Health and Welfare

These recommendations are the first step in the process to plan for the continued delivery of high quality preschool education to all Vermont 3 and 4 year old children in a vibrant and developmentally appropriate mixed delivery system that serves children and families well.

CDD supports single agency administration and AOE’s leadership in this process and the UPK component of an integrated early childhood system of services. We remain closely allied with AOE as interagency partners serving young children and families in our state.

The next step in the process is to work with AOE to refine these recommendations into more specific and detailed strategies and actions. This will result in a more robust report referred to on page 4 which will be presented to the Legislature in the 2018 session. There is opportunity for stakeholders to engage in the process and advise AOE on the details that will best accomplish the goals we all share for early education for Vermont’s youngest students and their families.

CDD will continue to work closely with AOE to suggest legislative language that achieves the original intent of universal prekindergarten and the goals and priorities expressed in these recommendations. What emerges from the legislature as law will be presented to the Governor for approval.

We look forward to working collaboratively with you and our partners at AOE on this important program in the months ahead.


Reeva Sullivan Murphy
Deputy Commissioner
Child Development Division