Child Care Immunization Survey

11 November 2019

The purpose of the immunization requirements for entry into child care is to protect children, staff, and the public against vaccine-preventable diseases in child care centers. Legislative rules establish minimum immunization requirements for attendance at regulated center based and family child care, including Pre-Kindergarten.

Regulated child care programs in Vermont, including registered and licensed home programs, center-based programs, public school preschool programs and Head Start programs, are required to submit an immunization survey for the children enrolled once per year by December 31st. This immunization survey is required by child care rule 5.1.4. Programs that do not submit by December 31st will have a violation cited on rule 5.1.4 No extensions to complete the report will be approved.

This survey must be completed online using the link below. Licensed Afterschool Child Care Programs do not need to complete the survey. Registered and licensed home programs, center-based programs, public school preschool programs and Head Start programs , must complete the survey. If your program does not serve the ages of children for this report, you should submit the report with zero entered in each field.


  • For help completing the form please call 1-800-649-2642 ext. 0816 to talk to Heather Mattison.
  • For questions about the immunization registry or to get a password/sign up contact the Immunization Registry staff at 1-888-688-4667 or email

Helpful tips

  • Only submit this survey once per program site
  • If you need to correct an error after submitting please call 1-800-649-2642 ext 0816 for Heather Mattison or email Heather at
  • To view an example version of this survey go to: This must be submitted online, the print version is available to help you prepare the information for submission
  • Count children who neither meet all vaccine requirements nor have a current exemption as provisionally admitted
  • Count children with documentation of chickenpox disease as equivalent to having varicella vaccine, and up to date
  • If you get a red error message, correct it before moving forward. If you need help correcting an error call 1-800-649-2642 and ask for Heather Mattison
  • Every cell requires an answer, enter a zero (0) instead of leaving a cell empty
  • Once you have clicked submit, the email address you have entered into the report will receive an emailed copy of the information you have submitted. This is your confirmation that the report was received. If you do not receive this confirmation, please call 1-800-649-2642 ext 08116 to talk to Heather Mattison