Child Care Financial Assistance Payment Options for Families

18 May 2020

The Child Development Division has received questions about the options for families who receive Child Care Financial Assistance benefits. The following is information about the options for families.

The Child Care Financial Assistance Program (CCFAP) promotes family choice in child care, and we have developed ways to ensure that the program continues to do so after June 1.  We understand the decisions child care programs and families need to make are not easy as the child care system transitions following the lifting of the COVID-19 closure order.  

Families who receive CCFAP have options available when making decisions about when to return to their open child care program.  Options include codes for when:

  • Parents, guardians, and/or child are ill;
  • Child is required to self-isolate;
  • Families choose to use their allotted CCFAP vacation days; (up to 10 days per year); or
  • Families make the choice to remain home for a period of time from child care due to continued concerns regarding COVID-19.

A child may also slowly transition to care a few hours a week at the discretion of the family with continued CCFAP payment. Families utilizing these codes are able to maintain their child care spots even when their child does not or cannot attend an open program – so that their operating child care provider continues to be paid and children can return to their program when their families choose.

Families receiving CCFAP are referred to their eligibility specialist for help regarding how to use their CCFAP supports and what billing codes to choose to match their individual family needs. CCFAP staff from the CDD will then communicate in writing approved CCFAP billing codes on behalf of families to their child care program.  CDD is distributing this letter directly to families receiving CCFAP, explaining the codes that are available to them and how to work with their eligibility specialist in order to utilize the code that is aligned with their families’ needs and circumstances.  Programs are welcome to share the letter and/or help direct families to their eligibility specialist to ensure their families understand their choices so that CCFAP funding is used in a way that is best for families and will work for their providers.

Thank you for your support for CCFAP families and your assistance with connecting families with their eligibility specialists.