Changes to Professional Development Grants and Bonuses

05 January 2018

In January, 2018, the following changes will happen regarding Professional Development grants and bonuses from the VT Child Development Division (CDD):

  • All grants and bonuses will be aligned with the Vermont Early Childhood Career Ladder
  • There is a new G.E.D. Assessment Fee Grant
  • The grants will be processed by the Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children (VtAEYC)

Alignment with the Vermont Early Childhood Career Ladder. 

Level Certificate and Credential bonuses, the CDA grant, the peer review grant and college tuition grants are now all aligned with the Vermont Career Ladder. The purpose of this change is to ensure Vermont Early Childhood Professionals have the support they need to achieve their career goals along the Career Ladder such as a college degree or recognized credential. The one exception to this is for professionals needing to satisfy a specific requirement from a child care licensing regulation.
NEW GED Assessment Fee Grant! 
Starting in January, 2018, there will be a new grant (up to $120) to help with the cost of the GED Assessment Test.  For this (and other CDD individual grants), we can look back for the last two years to the date of the application (such as the date you applied for the GED assessment) or the start date of a course.
Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children (VtAEYC) to process Professional Development grant and bonus applications. 
We also wanted to let you know that these professional development grants (tuition, CDA and peer review) and Level Certificate bonuses will be processed by the staff at the Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children (VtAEYC) rather than the CDD.  You can still find the Professional Development Application Forms on the CDD website for the next few months here.  We will notify you when the applications are moved to the new VtAEYC website.  For all grant applications, print out the CDD grant application forms, make sure to read the directions and send in any necessary attachments and send the application to the VtAEYC office at their new office location: 145 Pine Haven Shores Road, Suite 1137, Shelburne, VT  05482-7703.  For tuition grants, the process is to apply to VSAC first to see if you are eligible for that funding. 
Level Certificates continue to be processed by Northern Lights at CCV.  You would find the Level Certificate applications here and complete them according to the instructions on the application.  Northern Lights at CCV will review the completed applications, send the certificates to the CDD to be signed and mailed, and send the application and related paperwork to VAEYC to review for bonus eligibility.
If you have any questions about this information, you can contact Lynne Robbins at