Additional Clarification on CBCCPP Staff Qualification Changes

23 June 2017


To: Center Based Child Care and Early Learning Providers         

From:   Reeva Murphy, DCF Deputy Commissioner for Child Development     

Subject:  CBCCPP Staff Qualifications

Date:           June 23, 2017

Dear Child Care Providers:

We have received questions about the changes to the CBCCPP staff qualifications in the regulations. Below provides some clarification to the changes.

How were staff qualifications for classroom staff changed in the new Child Care Licensing Regulations for Center Based Child Care and Preschool Programs (CBCCPP)?

In the CBCCPP, effective on September 1, 2016, we tried to minimize changes in staff qualifications to respect and conserve the current workforce in child care and preschool programs. This important consideration was balanced against research that indicates one of the most significant impacts on children’s development in child care is the education and expertise of the adults they interact with.

A change was made in qualifications for the individual responsible for the care and early learning of a group of children. Individuals leading a group of children must meet at least the qualifications of a Teacher Associate (described below). Only one of the staff people assigned to each group of children needs to meet this minimal qualification. Qualifications for other staff working in classrooms recognized more ways to meet the qualifications without increasing them.

Staff already employed by a licensed CBCCPP, responsible for the care and early learning of a group of children in September 2016, who do not meet at least Teacher Associate qualifications have until September of 2018 to meet the new requirements (2 years). If an individual is working toward the qualifications and needs more time to complete them, CDD can approve an individual variance (CBCCPP heading 2.7) for that individual to retain their job as they continue to work toward meeting one of the five options available to be qualified as a Teacher Associate under CBCCPP regulations. Where a CBCCPP is having difficulty hiring new staff that must meet the Associate Teacher role, an individual variance may be requested to hire a strong candidate who doesn't meet minimal qualifications and is willing to complete these within an agreed upon timeframe.
The chart below compares the qualification requirements for this key position under Early Childhood Program Licensing regulations approved in 2001 to what is now required.

Changes to CBCCPP Staff Qualifications Chart


* What is a Vermont Early Childhood Career Ladder Level Three Certificate?

There are two stages to Early Childhood Career Ladder Level Three. Both include having at least two years’ experience working with young children, a current Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP), and completed education through college coursework.

Level IIIA education options include:

  • Completed Vermont Child Care Registered Apprenticeship OR
  • Community College of Vermont’s (CCV) Childcare Certificate Program OR
  • 21 related college credits in at least three Vermont Core Knowledge Areas.

(a CDD recognition bonus of $750 may be available for individuals completing this level if they meet the criteria)

Level IIIB education options include:

  • Associate Degree in early childhood education or related field OR
  • Associate Degree with 21 related college credits in at least three Vermont Core Knowledge Areas.

(a CDD recognition bonus of $1000 may be available for individuals completing this level if they meet the criteria)

** More information on Apprenticeship is available at

The Vermont T.E.A.C.H. program, funded with Early Learning Challenge Grant Funds and administered by the Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children, supports individuals wishing to obtain their Associate’s Degree.  More information on the T.E.A.C.H. program is at:

How can individuals working in child care get help meeting Teacher Associate requirements?

Vermont invests over $3 million annually to provide affordable access to professional development for early childhood and afterschool professionals. Information about financial resources to meet Teacher Associate requirements are available at the Northern Lights Career Development Center supported by CDD at the Community College of Vermont and on the CDD Website.

How can I get help understanding what is required under the new regulations?

CDD provides an opportunity to ask general questions on the CDD website and publishes answers to inform everyone

For program specific questions, providers can call the Licensing Field Specialist assigned to their area or can call the Licensor of the Day line during regular state business hours at (800) 649-2642 option 3.

Licensing Field Specialist assignments and  contact numbers for Licensing staff is at

The CDD Director of Licensing publishes a quarterly Licensing newsletter that is emailed to providers and posted on the CDD Blog.  Here's the link to the most current 2017 Spring Newsletter: