Technical Policies & Procedures Manual

This manual helps clarify Weatherization Assistance Program expectations.


Introductory Section

Cover (2020 version)
Acknowledgments (2020 version)
Introduction (2020 version)

Main Sections

Section 1: Top of Building (2020 version)
Section 2: Bottom of Building (2020 version)
Section 3: Sides of Building (2020 version)
Section 4: Non-Energy Saving Measures (2020 version)
Section 5: General Energy Waste Reduction Measures (2020 version)
Section 6:  Airsealing Protocols & Order of Operations (2020 version)
Section 6: Flowchart (2020 version)

Section 7: Mechanical Ventilation (2020 version)
Section 7: Making Sense of Our Mechanical Ventilation Requirements (2020 version)
Section 8: Mobile Home Policies & Procedures (2020 version)
Section 9: Mobile Home Priority List (2020 version)
Section 10: Quality Control Inspections (2020 version)


Appendix A: Combustion Appliance Protocols (2020 version)
Appendix B: Worst-Case Draft Testing Procedures (2020 version)
Appendix C: Worst-Case Draft Testing Form (2020 version)
Appendix D: Allowable Materials (2020 version)
Appendix E: Safety Devices (2020 version)
Appendix F:  Deferral & Home Repair Policies (2020 version)
Appendix G: Vermiculite Policies (2020 version)
Appendix H: Programmatic Waivers (2020 version)
Appendix I: Evaluating Ductwork (2015 version still current)
Appendix J: EPA RRP Final Rule (2015 version still current)
Appendix K: Building Performance Institute Tables (2012 version still current)
Appendix L: New section (coming in 2021)
Appendix M: New section (coming in 2021)
Appendix N: New Section (coming in 2021)
Appendix O: Historic Preservation (2020 version)
Appendix P: Thermal Barriers (2020 version)

Supplemental Info

Mobile Home Audit Intake Packet

Statewide Weatherization Jobs

Weatherization Assistance