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Children Waiting for Adoptive Families

All waiting children have experienced some degree of abuse, neglect, and loss. Listings are intended as an introduction. For a fuller understanding of a specific child, follow up with the worker listed.

To be considered as a prospective adoptive family, you must have a current, approved adoption homestudy or Vermont foster care license.

Alicia, 15 year-old

Alicia is looking for a home where she can pursue many activities like sports, puzzles, arts and crafts, and video games!

Braedyn, 12 year-old

Braedyn is very musical on a wide variety of instruments!                                      

Brandon, 15 year-old

Brandon has a great sense of humor and is very expressive!

Charlie, 14 year-old

Charlie is very technical and likes four wheeling and power tools!

Chloe, 14 year-old

Chloe likes D&D and baking as well as lots of reading!

Christopher, 14 year-old

Christopher is energetic and loves sports and being outside letting out all that energy.

Christopher, 6 year-old

Christopher is very funny, and loves paw patrol and being outdoors!

Dakota, 16 year-old

Dakota is a curious boy that loves to be involved in learning. Some of the activities he enjoys are Legos, sledding, and playing the clarinet!

David, 14 year-old

David has a very diverse list of interests including sports, running, and geology, and will love to share what they learn!

Devin, 13 year-old (Matched!)

Other than sports, Devin likes history and US Presidents, learning, and being in nature!

Eric, 11 year-old

Eric is outdoorsy and plays clarinet. He'd like to dirtbike someday!

George, 17 year-old

George is very active and enjoys lots of activities, wants to be a paramedic someday!  Watch a short video

Gerald, 16 year-old

Gerald enjoys skateboarding, cosplay, playing with Legos and reading.

Grayson, 7 year-old

Grayson loves Paw Patrol, Magnetiles, legos and crafts!

Harry, 15 year-old

Harry likes being active and knows martial arts!

Haydin, 14 year-old

Haydin loves history and sports and has a strong connection to a relative. Haydin is also hoping to be an only child.

Houston, 13 year-old

Houtson is active and likes outdoor activities as well as video games. Houston is very outgoing and wants to try new things!

Jacob, 14 year-old

Jacob likes crafting and tinkering with mechanical things. He's very interested in small engines from dirt bikes to 4-wheelers

Jeff, 11 year-old

Jeff likes to rollerskate and likes playing both video games and outdoors, a small town or small farm is very appealing to them!

John, 13 year-old

John likes Magic the Gathering cards, mowing lawns and wants to join wrestling when he goes to high school!

Jordan, 14 year-old

Jordan is an active person who loves biking, go karting, and family time!

Josie, 16 year-old

Josie loves horses, golden retrievers, and their favorite subject is math!

Kathryn, 17 year-old

Kathryn enjoys Cheerleading, fashion, crocheting and horseback riding!

Kyla, 17 year-old

Kyla enjoys cheerleading, lacrosse, snowboarding and hiking!

Kyle, 9 year-old (Matched!)

Kyle loves the outdoors and connecting with nature. Four wheeling, walks, any excuse to get outside the house and into the woods!

Layla, 14 year-old

Layla is a farm loving fan of wide open spaces, who is not afraid of working hard or getting dirty!

Logan, 10 year-old (Matched)

Logan is a jokester and likes to have fun. Basketball, legos, and card games are great!

Mason, 13 year-old

Mason likes video and board games, as well as sports and magic tricks!

Mercedes, 16 year-old

Mercedes loves Music and pop culture, and is very independent!

Michael, 15 year-old

Michael likes keeping things clean and organized, gardening, and legos!  Watch a short video

Richard, 13 year-old

Richard likes reading, and is looking for a small town to grow and play in!

Savanna, 12 year-old

Savanna enjoys doing some sports, watching TV and movies, playing board games and doing puzzles.

Sophia, 11 year-old

Sophia has many interests, and is looking for a family that is into homesteading and raising chickens!

Wynter, 10 year-old (Matched)

Wynter loves watermellon, brussels sprouts, reading, swimming, making snow men and watching Cartoon Network!