Children Waiting for Adoptive Families

All waiting children have experienced some degree of abuse, neglect, and loss. Listings are intended as an introduction. For a fuller understanding of a specific child, follow up with the worker listed.

IMPORTANT: To be considered as a prospective adoptive family, you must have a current, approved adoption homestudy or Vermont foster care license.

Alex, 14 year old

Alex likes building with legos and K'nex and has a lot of creativity to share.

Asher, 14 year-old

Asher enjoys playing basketball, baseball and lacrosse. He wants a family to cheer him on!

Ashley, 16 year-old

Ashley likes working with kids and animals and loves to read and write stories!

Brandon, 12 year-old

Brandon has a great sense of humor and is very expressive!

Brandon, 16 year-old

Brandon enjoys all types of foods, biking, being outdoors and camping.

Carter, 9 year old

Carter likes lego sets, gymnastics, superheros, and likes dogs! He has a budding interest in football.

Dakota, 13 year-old

Dakota is a curious young boy that loves to be involved in learning. Some of the activities he enjoys are Legos, sledding, and playing the clarinet.

Daniel, 13 year-old

Daniel likes NASCAR, Dungeons and Dragons, and wants to live with cats.

Deseray, 16 year-old

Deseray likes drawing and swimming, and values honesty.

Dylan, 16 year-old

Dylan is an outdoor kind of person, and enjoys many sports and activities!

Evan, 15 year-old

Evan likes Lacrosse and other sports, video games, technology, and doing activities with his mentor.

George, 15 year-old

George is very active and enjoys lots of activities, wants to be a paramedic someday!

Gerald, 13 year-old

Gerald is a fun and playful young boy who enjoys skateboarding, playing with Legos and reading.

Harry, 12 year-old

Harry likes being active and knows martial arts!

Houston, 11 year old

Houtson is active and likes outdoor activities as well as video games. Houston is very outgoing and wants to try new things!

Johannis, 9 year-old

Johannis is an outgoing young boy, who loves playing outdoors and wants to live on a farm.

Mae, 14 year old

Mae likes baking, cheerleading, and KPop! Mae is very ambitious!

Manuel, 15 year-old

Manuel enjoys playing video games and watching movies. He is looking for a family that would be interested in having a pet. He likes dogs, hamsters and gerbils.

Micheal, 13 year-old

Michael likes keeping things clean and organized, gardening, and legos!

Morgan, 13 year old

Morgan loves sports such as football, soccer, and basketball and would like to be the oldest in her forever home.

Nate, 10 year old

Nate is an animal lover and likes to go to the zoo!

Nick, 9 year old

Nick is looking for a nurturing environment with lots of outdoor activity.

Penny, 8 year-old

Penny likes playing sports and being on the playground, she likes biking and flying kites!

Venus, 17 year old

Venus loves going for walks, whether on hikes or in town, and has a great sense of humor!

Will, 8 year-old

Will likes legos and video games and would like to live in a big city!

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